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Assoc. Professor George Kong

孔醫生 - 眼科手術醫生 (墨大醫學博士, 副教授)
MBBS (Melb) BMedSci PhD (Melb) FRANZCO
Eye Specialist, Cataract & Glaucoma Specialist



Hospital Appointments

Royal Victorian Eye and Ear Hospital - Glaucoma Specialist Unit GIRU

Eastern Health

   (Box Hill Hospital/Yarra Ranges Health)

Monash Hospital (Honorary)

Honorary Clinical Associate Professor at the University of Melbourne

Director for GLANCE Pty Ltd.

Leadership positions

– Board Member Ophthalmic Research Institute of Australia (ORIA)

– RANZCO Examiner (Physiology)

– RANZCO Victorian Branch Committee Member

– Australian & New Zealand Glaucoma Society (ANZGS) Committee Member

– World Glaucoma Association (WGA) Associate Advisory Board (AAB) Member


RANZCO - Fellow of Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Ophthalmologists

ORIA - Ophthalmic Research Institute of Australia

ARVO - The Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology (USA)

IGP - International Glaucoma Panel (Allergan)

ASO - Australian Society of Ophthalmologists

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Best standard of care

Patient centered care

Evidence based care

Every patient is different.  Dr Kong strives to provide each patient with the best and the most appropriate treatment by understanding the needs of each patient.  Dr Kong provides comprehensive ophthalmic care including treatment of glaucoma, cataract, monitoring of diabetic retinopathy, macular degeneration, treatment of dry eye syndromes.

Dr Kong received comprehensive ophthalmology training and glaucoma subspecialist training in Melbourne Australia and prestigious fellowship in Cambridge UK on complex cataract and glaucoma surgery.  He applies the best international standard of medical and surgical care to all his patients.  This includes the use of minimally invasive glaucoma surgery (MIGS) when appropriate.

Dr Kong believes the best care for patients can only be achieved if treatment is based on strong clinical evidence.  Dr Kong continues to strive for best patient outcomes through research and critical assessment of medical evidence.

Nice to meet you, I'm Dr George Kong


Dr George Kong is a comprehensive ophthalmologist and Glaucoma subspecialist with particular experience in complex glaucoma and cataract surgeries.  He is also experienced in performing novel minimally invasive glaucoma surgery (MIGS).   


Fellow of the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Ophthalmologists


Doctor of Philosophy (University of Melbourne)

The Effect of Aging and Mitochondrial Dysfunction on Optic Nerve Response to Pressure induced Stress

Supported by National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) Postgraduate Training Scholarship

Postgraduate Certificates from

Royal Australasian Collage of Surgeons

  • Early Management of Severe Trauma (EMST)/ Advanced Trauma Life Support (ATLS®)

  • Australian and New Zealand Surgical Skills Education and Training (ASSET)

  • Care of the Critically Ill Surgical Patient (CCrISP)

  • Critical Literature Evaluation and Research (CLEAR)


Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) (University of Melbourne)


Bachelor of Medical Science (B Med Sci) (The University of Melbourne)

Fellowships & Training

Fellowship in Complex Glaucoma and Cataract Surgery

Cambridge University Hospital, Cambridge UK


Clinical Glaucoma Fellow

Royal Victorian Eye and Ear Hospital, Melbourne, Australia


Ophthalmology Registrar

Royal Victorian Eye and Ear Hospital, Melbourne, Australia


Gerard Crock Trophy for Best Paper

Presentation (Congress of Royal Australian & New Zealand Ophthalmologists)


Best Surgical Video for XEN stent surgery (International Congress for Glaucoma Surgery, London)


Glaucoma Australia Research Grant


Ophthalmic Research Institute of Australia (ORIA) Grant


Addenbrooke's Charitable Trust Award (Cambridge, UK)


Finalist in MedTech's Got Talent (Victorian Government Initiative)


Finalist in Member in Training award presentation at Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology (ARVO)


AMP Tomorrow Maker Award


Best Presentation from Trainee, Glaucoma Interest Group Annual Meeting


Eberhard Dodt Memorial Award, International Society for Clinical Electrophysiology of Vision (ISCEV)


James McBride White Prize Melbourne Ophthalmic Alumni


Complex glaucoma & cataract surgeries

Trabeculectomy, Repair of previously failed trabeculectomy, Combined cataract and trabeculectomy,

Glaucoma Drainage Implant

Glaucoma Laser Treatments

Laser treatment of angle closure, Selective Laser Trabeculoplasty (SLT), Cyclodiode laser

Management of complex glaucoma conditions

Glaucoma caused by inflammatory conditions (Uveitic glaucoma), Angle closure glaucoma, Neovascular glaucoma 

Minimally invasive glaucoma surgery

iStent, Xen stent, Preserflo

Personalised Glaucoma/Macular Treatment

Home-based monitoring of visual field test for glaucoma and age related macular degeneration patients

Fluent in Chinese Language

Mandarin, Cantonese

General Ophthalmology 

Management of Diabetic Retinopathy, Age-related macular degeneration, Dry eye, eye lid conditions

Dr Kong believes continuing active research is an important part of providing best evidence-based care for patients. 

Most recent publications

  1. Prea SM, Guymer R, Kong YXG, Vingrys AJ. Performance of a smart device over 12-months for home monitoring of patients with intermediate age-related macular degeneration.  J Clin Med. 2023 March.

  2. Lee GA, Kong YXG, Liu CH. Visual fields in glaucoma: Where are we now? Clinical & Experimental Ophthalmology 2023 Feb.

  3. Prea SM, Vingrys AJ, Kong YXG.  Test Reliability and Compliance to a Twelve-Month Visual Field Telemedicine Study in Glaucoma Patients.  J Clin Med. 2022 Jul 25;11(15):4317.

  4. Prea SM, Kong YXG, Guymer R, Sharangan P, Baglin E, Vingrys AJ. The short-term compliance and concordance to in clinic testing for tablet-based home monitoring in age-related macular degeneration. American Journal of Ophthalmology Sep 2021

  5. Chia MA, Trang E, Agar A, Vingrys AJ, Hepschke JL, Kong YXG, Turner A. Screening for glaucomatous visual field defects in rural Australia with an iPad.  Journal of Current Glaucoma Practice. October 2021 (In press)

  6. Bedggood P, Prea SM, Kong YXG, Vingrys AJ. Scaling the size of perimetric stimuli reduces variability and returns constant thresholds across the visual field. Journal of Vision 21(11):2 October 2021

  7. Prea SM, Kong YXG, Guymer RH, Vingrys AJ. The short-term compliance and concordance to in clinic testing for tablet-based home monitoring in age-related macular degeneration. American Journal of Ophthalmology September 2021  (in press).

  8. Kong YXG, Chung IY, Ang BGS. Outcomes of XEN45 gel stent using posterior small incision sub-tenon ab interno insertion (Semi-open) technique. July 2021, Eye (London, England)

  9. Prea SM, Kong YXG, Guymer R, Vingrys AJ. Uptake, persistence, and performance of weekly home monitoring of visual field in a large cohort of patients with glaucoma.  American Journal of Ophthalmology Am J Ophthalmol. 2021 Mar;223:286-295.

  10. Kong YXG, Kerr NM, Kowalski T. How to Treat – Glaucoma.  Australian Doctors Group Publication March 2020.

  11. Yan MK, Kumar H, Kerr N, Medeiros FA, Sandhu SS, Crowston JG, Kong YXG. Transnational review of visual standards for driving: How Australia compares with the rest of the world. Clinical & Experimental Ophthalmology 2019.

  12. Zehavi-Dorin T, Heinecke E, Nadkarni S, Green C, Chen C, Kong YXG.  Bilateral consecutive Xen gel stent surgery during pregnancy for uncontrolled early-onset primary open angle glaucoma.  American Journal of Ophthalmology Case Reports 15 (2019).

  13. Kong YXG, Gibbins A, Brooks A. Glaucoma in perspective. The Medical Journal of Australia 210(4) February 2019.

  14. Osborne A, Khatib T, Songra L, Barber A, Hall K, Kong YXG, Widdowson P, Martin KR.  Neuroprotection of Retinal Ganglion Cells by a Novel Gene Therapy Construct that Achieves Sustained Enhancement of Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor/Tropomyosin-Related Kinase Receptor-B Signalling. Cell Death & Disease 2018 Sep 26;9(10):1007.

  15. Kong YXG, Visual field testing in the era of portable consumer technology, Clinical and Experimental Ophthalmology May 2018

  16. Prea SM, Kong YXG, Mehta A, He MG, Crowston JG, Gupta V, Martin KR, Vingrys AJ.  Six-month longitudinal comparison of a portable tablet perimeter with the Humphrey Field Analyser.  American Journal of Ophthalmology Mar 2018

  17. Anderson AJ, Bedggood PA, Martin KR, Kong YXG, Vingrys AJ. Can home monitoring allow earlier detection of rapid visual field progression in glaucoma? Ophthalmology Jun 2017

  18. Nesaratnam N, Thomas P, Kirollos R, Vingrys AJ, Kong YXG, Martin KR. Tablets at the Bedside: iPad-based Visual Field Test used in the diagnosis of Intrasellar Haemangiopericytoma. BMC Ophthalmology April 2017

  19. Kwon HJ, Kong YXG, Tao LW, Lim LL, Martin KR, Green C, Ruddle J, Crowston JG. Surgical Outcomes of Trabeculectomy and Glaucoma Drainage Implant for Uveitic Glaucoma and Relationship with Uveitis Activity.  Clin Experiment Ophthalmol. 2017 Jan

  20. Kong YXG, He MG, Crowston JG, Vingrys AJ. A comparison of perimetric results from a tablet perimeter and Humphrey Field Analyzer in glaucoma patients. Translational Vision Science & Technology 2016 Nov 3;5(6):2. 2016.

  21. Kong YXG, O’Neill E, Pandav S, Crowston JG, Coote M. Understanding Glaucoma Optic Nerve Assessment through Systemic Observation: The GONE (glaucomatous optic neuropathy evaluation) project.  South African Journal of Ophthalmology Nov 2016.

  22. Zamir E, Kong YXG, Kowalski T, Coote M, Ang GS. A novel method of quantitative anterior chamber depth estimation using temporal perpendicular digital photography. Translational vision science & technology Jul 29;5(4):10. 2016.

  23. Vingrys AJ, Healey JK, Liew S, Saharinen V, Tran M, Wu W, Kong YXG. Clinical validation of a tablet perimeter. Translational vision science & technology 2016 Jul; 5(4): 3.



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